Relationships, these days, get more undesirable as the option to leave everything after a kiss becomes more of a trend. Love’s new hot-minute flavored makeover has its moment of truth, this week, due to a new track by J. Cole.   “Workout”, Cole’s first single of his debut album, puts all the hours we kill running “game” into perspective: all the thought we put into crafting swank outfits and all the ambition we focus into pick-up lines only get us one night of bliss.  And ladies, J doesn’t forget about y’all in the track; better yet, he understands that not all womyn want to “love…forever” every person they have a good time with. I thought it was just college culture, but having quick affairs is the trait of a Black youth world view on love.

Workout – J. Cole

Download: Workout – J. Cole

Teenagers grow up with two advisors talking about relationships in their ears. In one ear, older folks tell us we are too young to get into relationships; while in the other, we hear the cliché “you gotta love the good, bad and ugly” as if that’s only way relationships will work. These are the days when we disobey both: we are going relate to other people, in the romantic sense, and its going to be for a limited time—just enough time to escape having to experience another person’s issues. Us, teenagers, want “good things” because there’s no reason we should volunteer for jealousy and arguments. And that’s what this track is all about, hope you guys enjoy.


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