At just 14-years old, Great Lakes, Illinois native Thessalonika Arzu-Embry is set to graduate from college.

She’ll receive a Bachelor’s Degree in psychology from Chicago State University.

She credits her incredible academic success to her mother, who homeschooled her.

From Clutch:

My mother is a strong inspiration to my success. She is a veteran of the United States Navy, and when she finished her tour, she home-schooled my brother and I,” she said.

After she earned the equivalent of a high school diploma through homeschooling, Thessalonika passed the entrance exam for the College of Lake County and began studying psychology. She was 11.

These days, Thessalonika and her mother rise early, pray, work out, then spend their hour-long commute discussing theory and going over their homework assignments. It’s a routine that has helped the teen get through college and set her on a path to even greater academic achievements.

Thessalonika is now setting her sights on a graduates degree in clinical psychology.

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We’re expecting very big things from this young lady. Congrats, Thessalonika !