Oakland police shot and wounded the cousin of the late Oscar Grant last weekend.

As you might recall, Oscar Grant was gunned down by Bay-Area Transit Police Officer Joseph Mehserle in 2009. Mehserle shot Grant in the back while he was laying down on the ground. Mehserle was subsequently convicted of involuntary manslaughter rather than murder, sparking violent demonstrations.

24 year-old Tony Jones was also shot in the back after allegedly fleeing from a police car at 11:45pm on Sunday. The officers say he was carrying a gun, and was attempting to run from a car that was under suspicion of having been involved in a robbery.

Jones’ attorney begs to differ.

From Reuters:

“McCoy characterized the Jones case police brutality, saying an unidentified woman was giving Jones a ride from his mother’s house to his girlfriend’s house when police stopped the vehicle because they suspected it of being used in another crime.

Jones, an unemployed Oakland resident, got out of the vehicle, and police allowed the vehicle to leave the scene but followed Jones in a patrol car, McCoy said.

“He started running because it got to close to him,” said McCoy. When Jones ran, a police officer shot him, said McCoy.

McCoy said Jones is now being treated at Highland Hospital in Oakland, and he did not yet know Jones’s prognosis.

McCoy said Jones was unarmed during the incident”

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Do you think the officers’ actions toward Tony Jones were justified?

Is shooting someone in the back ever justified?

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