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Emanuel offers NATO money for anti-violence youth programs
Michelle Manchir, Chicago Tribune, 12/3/12


Young black men, unaware and at the highest risk of HIV/AIDS
Brittany Tom, The Grio, 12/4/12


Black, Hispanic Teens Most Disconnected
Rosa Ramirez, National Journal, 12/4/12


New report finds youth unemployment soars during the past decade
Erin Andersen, Journal Star, 12/5/12


Some encouraging numbers in new Chicago HIV report
Chicago Pheonix, Joseph Duggan Lyons, 12/5/12


White women in Black face spark nation-wide outrage
Harry Colbert, Insight News, 12/6/12


Indiana’s black youths see few gains
Indy Star, Staff Writer, 12/6/12


The Majority of black male students think race, gender affect how teachers treat them
Staff Writer, The Dallas Morning Star, 12/7/12


Giving our public schools their due
Dane Smith, Star Tribune, 12/9/12


Legal marijuana is good for kids
Amanda Reiman, Salon News, 12/9/12