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Remember Trayvon Martin – stop the war on Black and brown youth
Fight Back News, Staff Writer, 11/25/12

Tallahassee, FL – Around 15 activists from Tallahassee Dream Defenders, joined by other protesters including immigrant rights leaders, assembled on the fourth floor of the Florida Capitol building here, Nov. 20, showing politicians that Florida brown and Black groups are visible and demanding they remember Trayvon Martin.

Dream Defenders, a youth civil rights group, stood with their hoodies up in silent protest as legislators and lobbyists packed the floor between the Florida House and Senate chambers. They held signs reading, “Remember Trayvon,” and “Stop the war on Black and brown youth”.

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Is black skin the fountain of youth?
Jamie Shute, The FamU, 11/19/12


If not for FAMU, we would all be poorer
Gerald Ensley, Tallahassee News, 11/20/12


College Republicans At Historically Black Colleges And Universities Struggle To Connect With Romney
Rodney Holcombe, Huffington Post, 11/21/12


Notice at apartment complex targets young blacks
Robert Stanton, Houston Chron News, 11/22/12


Black youth critical to Obama’s Victory
Maya Rhodan, Washington Correspondent, 11/23/12


A Black Thanksgiving
Milwaukee Courier, Benjamin Chavis, 11/24/12


Lowering the bar for black students is not the answer
Leonard Pitts Jr., The Miami Herald, 11/25/12