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Ivy League Schools Don’t Reflect U.S. Minority Ratios
Rosa Ramirez, National Journal, 10/24/12

The Ivy schools generally fall short in mirroring the national minority population, which 16.7 percent Latino, 13.1 percent black, 5.6 percent Asian, and 1.7 percent Native American, according to government data.

Columbia University had the largest share of Latinos at 13.2 percent, while Yale had the fewest, at 8 percent.

Minority recruiting and enrollment has been uneven at these schools. At Cornell University, for instance, the share of Latino undergraduate students stagnated at less than 6 percent between 2000 and 2010. But the proportion rose dramatically in 2011, to 9.4 percent, partly because the university adopted additional ethnic and racial categories. Blacks have remained at or under 5.6 percent for the past 40 years, university data show.

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