An Akron, Ohio teenager was forced to stand in the bitter cold with a sign about the importance of walking away from a confrontation.

Sonia Davis, 13-year-old Myasia’s aunt and legal guardian, says that she wanted to teach her niece a lesson.

From WKYC:

[The sign] read: They talked about Jesus Christ. So what do I care what a person have (sic) to say about me. Now I’m standing outside holding this sign instead of being in school getting my education when I could have walked away! Because it’s Jesus who died for me!”You don’t have to defend yourself against nobody’s words,” explained Davis, about the lesson that she wanted Myasia to learn. “You walk away, and at the end, you walk away as the winner.”

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Mayasia was suspended from school for 3 days after getting into a fight on the premises. Davis said she had tried everything form of discipline on the teen, but nothing has worked.

Davis gave Myasia breaks while she stood out their holding the sign, offering her a few minutes in her warm vehicle across the street from where the teen stood.

When asked how she felt about standing outside with the sign, Myasia said “stupid.”

Is public shaming an appropriate form of discipline?

Does it do more harm than good?

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