There is no question that the mass shooting at the Pulse nightclub last Saturday left many people around the country and the world speechless. With 49 people dead and another 50 injured, the reverberations of the tragic event were innumerable. But, those people who were directly targeted in the tragedy Рqueer and trans* Latinx folks Рlikely feel the brunt of those massacre more than any others.

In this video by Familia: Trans Queer Liberation Movement posted on Sunday, queer and trans* Latinx leaders share their feelings on the tragedy. Their candid and moving reactions shine light on the ways that this massacre affects real people.

Perhaps the most moving sentiment in the video is when a participant says, “We as queer and trans Latinx people need to see what happened in Orlando as a reminder that our human dignity, our lives, are connected to the liberation of black people, Muslim people, of women, of trans people.”

Watch the video below: