The Trump Administration is continuing its assault on the Obama legacy. According to CNN, they have passed around a memo with plans to end Let Girls Learn, an initiative started by First Lady Michelle Obama in 2015 to help girls in developing country go to schools.

The memo directed Peace Corps members to discontinue the “Let Girls Learn” brand and noted the end of the “stand alone program.” The White House emphasized that it will continue to advocate for girls education opportunities abroad; yet, they are unclear on whether the “Let Girls Learn” initiative itself will remain a part of the White House’s slate of programs.

CNN also reports that the White House intends to curtail the work Michelle Obama has done around healthy school lunches, as Agriculture Secretary Sonny Perdue announced a shift to “regulatory flexibility” for the National School Lunch Program.

These rule changes by the Trump Administration are wide-ranging, from economic regulations set in place to protect consumers to these undoubtedly helpful rules that encourage healthy eating for our children. The Trump Administration has demonstrated a desire to undo the Obama legacy, even when the rules in place help the American people.

Only time will tell how these prospective changes will impact the services put in place during the Obama Administration.