On Saturday, Donald Trump (for the third weekend in a row) jet-setted off to Florida on the taxpayer’s dime to hold a campaign-style rally where he whined, stirred up sentiments against the media and indulged in his supporters blind admiration of him.

Trump pulled up to the rally in Air Force One, using the presidential plane like a prop. Addressing his crowd without a tie, Trump claimed the media was not a friend of the American people and that they had their own agenda. Trump claimed that he wanted to speak directly to the people, without the filter of the media to fact-check his nonsense.

This need for a foe, for opposition, demonstrates that Trump does not truly have a message. Rather, his position thrives on competition, on an us-versus-them frame of mind. If everything is fine, if Hillary Clinton is gone and Trump is solely responsible for the state of the government, then his world falls apart and the mandate he has claimed disappears.

Trump lied about the big and small at this rally, rebutting reports that his cabinet is abysmally run and claiming that he inherited a mess from President Obama. Trump held this rally just days after the resignation of his national security advisor and renewed attention on his administration’s ties to Russia. He claimed that a terrorist attack had occurred in Sweden, much to the confusion of everyone.

Clearly, Trump needs to make up danger to strengthen his position and invalidate media coverage and criticism of his administration—otherwise, his supporters might wise up and see that he has no managing skills and no ability to represent the United States abroad.

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Like a two-bit dictator, Trump announced that his support comes from a larger movement, proclaiming, “I am here because I want to be among my friends and among the people. This was a great movement, a movement like has never been seen before in our country or before anywhere else.”

It has been exactly a month since Donald Trump has been inaugurated and we are all so exhausted. This incompetence in our government can only last for so long, before something serious happens that warrants the administration’s full attention span, which is clearly short, shallow and unable to manage a crisis. While calls for congressional investigations are starting to vigorously swirl around his administration, we must rely on each other for support and for safety.

Of course, our safety has never fully been in the hands of the government; even so, we must be more vigilant than ever before, as Trump further weaponizes the government against us, fails to protect our interests at home and abroad, and uses the presidency to feed his ravenous ego.

Photo Credits: AP, Miami Herald