During the initial chaos following President-elect Donald Trump’s victory in November, no one quite knew who to blame. So the finger was eventually pointed at everyone from black voters to third party voters to white female voters. As time went on, people eventually focused less on the “How?” and more on the “So, what now?”

Well, President-elect Trump may have just reignited the debate after his comments at a rally to a mostly white crowd in Hershey, Penn. have gone public where he credited African Americans who “didn’t come out to vote” for Hillary Clinton.

“We did great with the black community,” Trump said, according to the Associated Press.

He went on to call black voters “smart” for picking up on “it” – whatever “it” may be – and officially thanked them.

“They didn’t come out to vote for Hillary, they didn’t come out. And that was the big thing, so thank you to the African-American community,” he said.

As he often does, President-elect Trump failed to mention some important details in his assertion that black voters didn’t show up for Clinton. A large part of the problem goes back to a long-standing practice of voter suppression tactics often used by the Republican party.

He also seems to casually ignore the fact that people of color were heavily in favor of Clinton and he was last in the polls when it came to black voters, even falling behind Larry Johnson and Jill Stein. Perhaps his regular habit of speaking to the black community from the comfort of rooms filled with mostly white crowds is lost on him.