Rape and sexual assault on college campuses is at epidemic status and the lack of action taken by school administrators is an alarming concern. These issues were brought up in a recent social media campaign called #RapedByMorehouse where an anonymous Twitter user recounted a tale of an horrific assault.

The user of the account referenced being a student at Spelman College that was assaulted by four students at Morehouse College and was then rebuffed by administrators when she approached them with her story.

The tweets sparked a discussion about sexual assaults on college campuses, but in the Atlanta University Center (AUC) in particular. This is the largest contiguous consortium of African American students in higher education in the country. Most of these school are either public or historically Black.

Some took offense to the tweets and felt that they were being targeted for the actions of few, while others spoke out in support and even asked for their fellow alums to do better as a collective. Students later gathered to protest.

The presidents of both Morehouse and Spelman have made public statements addressing the allegations and are starting an investigation.

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“At Morehouse, we take seriously all allegations of sexual assault and we are redoubling our efforts to ensure that our students and students throughout the Atlanta University Center are encouraged to report any such incidents,” read John Wilson’s statement. “Both our Office of Campus Safety and the Title IX Office have been activated to fully investigate the allegations with the limited information that we have.”

“I know that members of our Spelman community join me in expressing heartbreak and outrage over the incidents and experiences recounted on Twitter. Because the Twitter account is anonymous, I tweeted an invitation to @RapedAtSpelman to reach out to me personally so I, and the College, can provide full assistance and support,” read Dr. Mary Schmidt Campbell’s statement. “We continue to follow leads to identify the victim to offer our help and services.”

One thing that can be said about the #RapedByMorehouse hashtag is that it started a conversation that may have been long overdue. While the initial stages may have been painful and revealed things that many would like to continue to ignore, sexual assault on college campuses and the culture that allows them to go on need to come to an end.

Photo Courtesy: Twitter