On Friday, a group of students in New York attacked two of their peers while yelling “Ebola” at the brothers who had recently returned from Senegal.

The New York Department of Education confirmed the incident occurred. The boys were pushed and shoved. 

From CNN:

Ousmane Drame, the boys’ father, told News 12 the boys felt so upset by their experience that they want to go back to Africa.

“These people call me Ebola,” Drame said one of his sons told him. “They don’t even want to know my name.”

“We will not tolerate intimidation or bullying of our students,” NYC Schools Chancellor Carmen Farina said in a statement, “especially in this moment when New Yorkers need to come together.”

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The Chancellor’s office is investigating the incident and has also sent staff to “mediate the incident.”

The boys are U.S. citizens, born and raised here in America. Senegal has only had one case of Ebola. The World Health Organization declared the nation free of the disease.

The CDC received more than 800 calls about Ebola as of last week.


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Do you anticipate more discrimination taking place due to lack of knowledge about the disease against blacks?

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