You know what never goes out of style on college campuses? Kegs? Yes.

But also: blackface.

Last last week, news broke that members of the UC Irvine outfit of Lambda Theta Delta corked it up for a music video:


Members of Lambda Theta Delta created a video in which they lip sync and dance to Justin Timberlake’s “Suit and Tie.” One of the members wears blackface — a form of theatrical makeup that was used to portray racist stereotypes of African Americans — to portray Jay-Z.


“We’re being referred to as a racist organization,” chapter president Darius Obana said.


When asked it that was true he said, “Absolutely not.”


The fraternity brother at the center of the video, Obana said, is a junior at UC Irvine who was inspired by the Justin Timerlake-Jay-Z collaboration “Suit and Tie.”


“He was trying to be Jay-Z,” Obana said.


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Check out a news report on the offensive video below:


Clearly Obana’s fraternity brother doesn’t understand that it takes much more than pitiful blackface to be Jay-Z.

But we must–yet again–ask: Why is blackface such an enduring form of racism?


What don’t nonwhite people understand about the offensive nature of blackface?

What are college students not learning that makes them think these kinds of antics are OK?

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