Houston Police Officer K. Levi fatally shot unarmed Peter Matthew Gaines on March 12, 2016 around 5:45 pm. According to ABC13, Levi shot Gaines for fear of his own safety after he charged the officer despite being tased twice in the chest. An HPD spokesperson said it was believed that Gaines was on drugs and agitated. 

“I just seen the police shoot him and he fell,” said a woman who was working the drive-thru at a nearby Burger King. “The police was not in danger to kill that man. I’m sorry.”

According to ABC13, Levi was driving by as he reportedly witnessed Gaines “damaging a street sign” and left his vehicle to investigate.

“He said it was probably in the proximity of three to four feet. That the suspect got that close to him,” said HPD Public Affairs Officer John Cannon. “He says he had no choice and was protecting his own life.”

Questions have been raised as to whether or not deadly force was justified by  the officer. There are also concerns that the altercation was reportedly started by Gaines damaging a sign yet no photos of the damaged sign have been made available as of yet.

Photo Credit: Wiki Commons