Ten years ago, the University System of Georgia attempted to address the dearth of black males enrolling and graduating from institutions of higher education by instituting the African-American Male Initiative, a program that seeks to help young black males navigate their way through college.

Statistics from the last decade were presented at the American Council on Education’s annual gathering, and they are astounding:


From 2002 to 2011, enrollment of African-American male students systemwide increased by nearly 14,000, or 80 percent; the percentage of degrees conferred grew by nearly 60 percent; and the six-year graduation rate for the black male students who entered in 2005 was 40 percent—an 11 percentage-point uptick since the program’s inception. Based at Kennesaw State University, the program has now spread to nearly all of the university system’s 31 campuses.


Read more at The Chronicle of Higher Education.


Results suggest that this is an incredible model that might need to be replicated in other places.


What other ways can organizations work to increase the college enrollment of black males?

Should such efforts be made to help black women, too?

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