Earlier today, we posted about the bullying issues surrounding the NFL’s Miami Dolphins.  Now, news outlets are reporting that Richie Incognito, the alleged ring leader, used racial epithets while bullying Jonathan Martin.

Albert Breer of NFL Media reported that Martin shared texts and voicemails with his parents Saturday before turning them over to the Dolphins and the league.


The evidence implicates Incognito and, to a lesser extentDolphins center Mike Pouncey. Breer reports that Incognito used a racial slur and threatened violence in one of the voicemails. The NFL and the Dolphins have heard the voicemail.

“Hey, wassup, you half (expletive) piece of (expletive),” according to a transcript obtained by Breer of an Incognito voicemail to Martin. “I saw you on Twitter, you been training ten weeks. I’ll (expletive) in you (expletive) mouth. I’m gonna slap your (expletive) mouth, I’m gonna slap your real mother across the face (laughter). (Expletive) you, you’re still a rookie. I’ll kill you.”



The transcript was among items and evidence given to the NFL Players Association, as well as the league.

We will continue to follow this story.