A lawyer for the family of a 13-year-old girl declared brain dead by doctors says the teen is showing signs of improvement after being removed from a hospital that refused to provide further care for the child.

Jahi McMath went into cardiac arrest during a routine tonsillectomy. She was declared brain dead by doctors at Children’s Memorial Oakland on Dec. 12. 

From The Daily Mail:

The optimistic news comes just two days after Jahi McMath’s family said that the teen may not “make it” after her surgically inserted tubes were removed by California doctors nearly one month ago. “I can confirm that [today’s] trache & g tube procedure on Jahi McMath was a success, she is doing very well and now getting the treatment she should have gotten 28 days ago,” attorney Christopher Dolan tweeted.

Dolan did not disclose where the 13-year-old is being cared for since being moved by her family from Children’s Hospital Oakland last Sunday.

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Dolan said the family is focusing on improving Jahi’s health, not press conferences.

He further stated that doctors are optimistic that her condition has stabilized and improved since being removed from Children’s Hospital Oakland.

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