Nigeria closed its investigation into the abduction of more than 200 girls by militants on Friday.

At least 276 girls were kidnapped on April 14 from a school in northern Nigeria. 57 girls had escaped. 

From Newsweek:

Submitting the final report, Brigadier General Ibrahim Sabo said 219 girls remained at large, a total virtually unchanged since Boko Haram militants stormed their secondary school in northeast Borno state on April 14 to kidnap them.

A total of 57 girls, almost all of whom escaped shortly after the abduction, have been reunited with their families, he added. The kidnapping of the teenage girls taking exams in Chibok village sparked global outrage for its sheer barbarity.

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Nigerian officials have been criticized for their lack of urgency pertaining to the girls. The girls were missing for two weeks before international attention was called to the investigation.

The Boko Haram terrorist group is believed to be responsible for the kidnappings.

Some of the girls are believed to have been transported to neighboring Chad and Cameroon.

This is devastating news. We continue to wish the girls a speedy, safe return to their families.

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