San Jose State University has expelled three students accused of bullying and tormenting their black roommate.

A fourth student has been placed on probation for the rest of his college career if he returns. 

From Associated Press:

The four students, who are white, have pleaded not guilty to misdemeanor battery and hate crime charges. They are accused of putting the bike lock on then-freshman Donald Williams and taunting him with racial slurs, locking him in his room and waving a Confederate flag.

Earlier this year, Williams filed a $5 million claim against the university.

The expelled students are banned from enrolling in any California State University college, according to university documents obtained by the newspaper.

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A lawyer for one of the expelled students said the school did not conduct a thorough review.”We were very disappointed with the school’s process,” attorney Eric Geffon said. “It was clear early on they had already made up their mind.”

A university spokeswoman said the school can’t comment on disciplinary matters.

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