April 29th marked the 20th anniversary of the LA rebellion, a response to decades of police brutality that culminated in the video tapped beating of Rodney King and a not guilty verdict for the offending officers. VH1 did a very good documentary of the rebellion and the role of Hip-Hop called Uprising: Hip Hop and The LA Riots, which can be viewed in it’s entirety online.

Also check out this special episode of Left of Black, where scholars, activists and artists reflect on the 20th Anniversary of the LA Riots, including myself, Marc Lamont Hill, Lynne d Johnson, Kimberly C. Ellis, Allison Clark, Kim Pearson, Moya Bailey, Christopher Martin (Play of Kid N’ Play), Treva Lindsey, Blair LM Kelley, Michelle Ferrier, Jay Smooth and host Mark Anthony Neal.

Lastly, my good friend and LA representer DJ Sloe Poke did an incredible podcast with music and clips from the scene, as well as testimonies from artists and activist called “Uprising LA: 20 Years Later Mix“. It’s a must listen.