The police officer who shot and killed Philando Castile last July was found not guilty. Despite a recording of Castile’s last words and a lengthy history of him basically being harassed by local police, no one will be held responsible for his death.

In other instances of police violence, we often see the parents and loved ones of the victims being used as mouthpieces of local leaders seeking to pacify any tensions in the community. They set them up at a podium and instruct them to ask for peace ad privacy, essentially dismissing the anger felt by everyone else.

Philando Castile’s mother has not let herself become one of those people. 

In a Friday press conference, she warned civilians of the terrifying reality that any of them or their loved ones could be the next victims of police violence.

If those comments weren’t considered critical enough, Valerie later posted a video on Instagram using much stronger language to say how she really feels.

In the video, Castile can be seen telling people to be as passionate as they want and not to hold back in their anger towards the system that doesn’t support them nearly as much as it should.

Even though justice was not delivered in the case of her son, Ms. Castile is standing up for Philando and other families affected by police violence.