Tonight all eyes will be on the Vice Presidential debate; pitting current VP Joe Biden against Mitt Romney’s controversial running mate, Paul Ryan.

In the wake of last week’s debate disaster for President Obama, the importance of tonight’s VP debate cannot be overstated.

The Democrats are counting on Joe Biden to turn out a phenomenal performance that will hopefully reignite momentum for the Obama campaign

From NewsOne:

“‘Normally vice presidential debates are good political theater and sort of interesting from a talent scout standpoint, as you evaluate the up-and-comers on the political stage,’ says Alan Schroeder, author of a book on presidential debates. ‘But this year could be different because of the negative reviews of Obama‚Äôs performance. That heightens expectations for this second debate.’

‘Joe just needs to be Joe,’ Obama said, when asked his advice for the vice president in an interview Wednesday with ABC News.

Senior Obama adviser David Axelrod, appearing Thursday morning on ‘CBS This Morning,’ said he believes ‘the big challenge for him is to pin Congressman Ryan down.’

‘Right now the Romney campaign is running away from some of their positions like unwanted stepchildren,’ Axelrod said.”


Will you be watching tonight’s Vice Presidential debate?

How impactful do you think Biden’s performance will be on the Obama campaign?

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