Video from a December arrest of Desmond Marrow, a former NFL player, has surfaced in recent days showing Henry County, Georgia police officers assaulting the man as he lay on the ground. On Friday, the police department claimed to be investigating the incident but said this particular video doesn’t tell the whole story.

Marrow says the incident started when two men called him a racial slur and threw hot coffee on him. Marrow then followed the men to a nearby Target store, but when police arrived Marrow was standing outside his truck using profanity. In the police report, witnesses allege Marrow threatened to kill the two men, and the police claim that Marrow refused to comply with the arrest, kicking an officer and continuing to struggle when he was on the ground.

Marrow counters this version of events, posting on his social media account: “During the arrest, the police knocked my teeth out, slammed me on my head and choked me out until I was unconscious.” Marrow continued, “I was fully cooperating with the officers with ZERO resistance. I thought I was going to die.”

Morrow refused to go with the ambulance to the hospital, but when he arrived at the jail, he complained of a head injury and reportedly told the hospital staff that he had “already talked to the girl on the sideline about his injury.” Marrow was charged with making terroristic threats and obstruction, both of which are felony offenses, in addition to reckless driving and aggressive driving.

A magistrate has already dropped the terroristic threats charge, but the other charges went to the district attorney’s office, which has to decide if the case will be presented to a grand jury. DA Darius Patillo is also investigating the actions of the officers who responded.


Patillo made a statement to the media on Friday:

“The portion of the video distributed is graphic and violent, and we understand why people are disturbed by this,” Patillo said. “I can assure you that once the investigation is complete, we will respond appropriately. As we investigate this case, we are asking the community to remain calm and exercise patience as we continue to collect evidence and interview all parties.”

Video below: