Paul “PR” Robinson has a message for the black community. In his track, “Willie Lynch,” Robinson reminds us of the country’s history with the British slave owner, while pointing out how we (black people) are the new Ku Klux Klan.

Willie Lynch’s methods for maintaining slaves were widely practiced in the country for hundreds of years. Methods included breaking the spirit of the black man by use of fear, distrust and envy for manipulation purposes.

From YouTube:

Christian Hip Hop Artist: Paul PR Robinson recognizes that Willie Lynch is alive and well. You can find Willie Lynch in our own communities today. The black community has indeed has become self-generating of this syndrome as Lynch suggested would occur. The first step to deprogrammed this Willie Lynch chip is to identify if it lives in us. This song “Willie Lynch” by Paul “PR” Robinson challenges us to self-examine and take steps in a different direction.

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Are blacks who destroy each other and their communities the modern-day KKK?

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