An image grab taken from a video uploaded on YouTube by user@60thStreetWatch

Video has emerged of NYPD officers arresting a man for what appears to be sleeping on the train while on his way home from work. 


He manages to sit down, at which point he can be heard saying I’m coming home from work. The officers, who say he’s under arrest, get him back on his feet, at which point the struggle to subdue him heats up.

Backup eventually arrives, and as his efforts to resist intensify, a female officer appears to start hitting him over the back with a baton. Despite his determined efforts to keep from being handcuffed, he never strikes out at the officers.

“Record all of this please! I’m coming home from work, and they’re f***ing with me because I’m sleeping, and bums gotta sleep on the train.”

WARNING: Video contains graphic language


After more officers arrive on the scene, an officer grabs the man, pulling him to the ground. The woman recording the incident starts questioning the officers, requesting their badge numbers. That’s when one of the policeman appears to swat her device away.

We will continue to follow this story.

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