Ray Mills comforts Londrelle Hall at Mike Brown's memorial.


Londrelle Hall and Ray Mills ran an average of 35 miles a day in honor of slain teen Mike Brown. The men, who hail from Atlanta, journeyed to Ferguson, Missouri to attend Brown’s memorial on Nov. 3. 

From ThinkProgress:

Hall, a 28-year-old Florida native, explained to ThinkProgress that running is how he copes with internal problems, which is how he came up with the idea to start Run for Justice. “The Mike Brown incident happened and I had a reason to run for not just my problems, but the problems of the world. I came to Ray with the idea of running to Ferguson to raise awareness of what’s going on here, and he was behind it 100 percent. In our society we get complacent and things come and go, like Trayvon…and Mike Brown, so I wanted to do something that was meaningful and kept an eye on Ferguson.”

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Watch the Hall and Mills’ reaction as they arrive in Ferguson:

According to ThinkProgress, Mills described the scene at Brown’s memorial as “surreal.” “You watch it on TV from home, and we collaborated on this idea. While we’re doing it, there’s no way to expect how you would feel until you’re actually here. When I arrived, it was breathtaking. This young man was killed here coming from a store. He’s one of the main reasons we are here,” he said.

The two men trained for a month before leaving Atlanta.

Black lives matter.

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