Video footage of a Moore, Oklahoma man who was beaten to death by police in front of his wife and child has been released.

Luis Rodriguez died after five police officers brutalized him for attempting to stop a confrontation at a movie theater between his wife and daughter. 

From KFOR 4: 

Nair Rodriguez, Luis Rodriguez’s wife, said from the beginning her husband was beaten by police. On Tuesday, her attorney’s office released the video, allowing everyone to decide for themselves what happened to him.

In the video, Nair Rodriguez is heard calling for her husband to tell her if he’s okay. However, he did not answer. […]

Kyle Eastridge is a former homicide investigator and is now working as a private investigator. As he watched the video, Eastridge said, “Those guys are out of breath.” As the video continues, Eastridge notes that Rodriguez does not seem to be responsive.

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Watch the raw footage here:

Nair Rodriguez and her daughter Lunahi said they got into an argument at Warren Theater around midnight on Feb. 14.

Nair slapped her daughter then stormed off. Her husband Luis, who chased after her, was soon confronted by the officers who demanded to see his identification. Despite pleas from Nair, police continued to restrain and abuse her husband.

Moore police and the OSBI both declined to comment on the investigation or the release of the video.

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