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An 18-year-old black teenager identified as Antonio Martin was fatally wounded by St. Louis-area police officers on Tuesday.

The incident was followed by protesters clashing with police at the scene. 

From RT:

A police officer was conducting a routine check at the Mobil gas station in the suburb of Berkeley, St. Louis at about 11:15 pm local time, St. Louis County Police said. The officer saw two male suspects and approached them. One man pulled a handgun and pointed it at the police officer.

The officer then fired several shots and wounded one of the suspects fatally. The second man managed to escape the scene.

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Watch surveillance footage of the incident:

According to the St. Louis Post-Dispatch, three people have been arrested as a result of ongoing clashes in response to Martin’s death.

Police say the teen was armed at the time.

Martin attended Jennings Senior High School in St. Louis, Missouri. He wasn’t enrolled currently, but had been trying to get into Job Corps, a program that offers educational and vocational training to young people in the country.

Black lives matter.

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