Over the weekend, thousands of activists, community leaders and concerned citizens gathered in protest of black men being gunned down by police in St. Louis.

And according to a video submitted to us by protester Katina Parker, peaceful protesters where pepper-sprayed by police as they exercised their right as U.S. citizens. 

“On Saturday, October 11th, more than 200 protestors who were participating in the weekend of Resistance via #Ferguson October, were tear gassed by St. Louis Police for peaceful protest on behalf of Vonderitt Myers, Jr., who was murdered by St. Louis police just 1 day before the 2-month anniversary of Mike Brown’s murder. This video that captures the assault.”

Watch video footage of Ferguson October protesters being pepper-sprayed:

#FergusonOctober – St. Louis Police Tear Gas Protestors – October 11, 2014 from Katina Parker on Vimeo.

Kudos to all parties present in Ferguson and throughout the country for continuing to demand justice for all black people.

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