Illinois State Rep. Bobby Rush is calling for a special investigation into the death of 35 year-old Anthony Kyser, who was strangled to death after stealing toothpaste from a CVS in Chicago.

Pedro Villanova, the store manager, chased him into a nearby alley, where a struggle ensued.

The manager claimed self-defense, but surveillance footage seems to tell a different story.

From NewsOne:

The video shows the lasts moments of Kyser’s life on May 8, 2010. He is shown fleeing into the alley behind the CVS with the store’s manager, Pedro Villanova, running behind him. A brief struggle ensued before Kyser falls to the ground with Villanova on top of him. Another man enters the screen and attacks Kyser while he is on the ground. More bystanders join in and help pin the man to the ground. Eventually, Kyser stops struggling and apparently goes limp. The cops and emergency workers followed, but they could not revive Kyser.

Chicago police say the death was an accident, although the coroner’s report ruled Kyser’s death a homicide.


Check out the surveillance footage below (WARNING: GRAPHIC VIDEO):


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