A video taken at a Trump rally in October offers a glimpse into what the environment there is like. As if anyone had to guess, the video features the blatant racism and disrespect that’s become synonymous with President Trump. To help combat this growing culture of bigotry, the president of Washington State University, where the video was recorded, has launched an investigation into where it came from, according to The Spokesman-Review

The original video featured a group of Trump supporters debating a group of Black women. At one point, the video stops on a frame of the same women with a caption of “Maybe you should go back to Africa…” and the clip ends with someone saying, “I do not associate with ni**ers.”

While the original posting of the video on a Facebook meme page was taken down, it’s since been downloaded and shared countless times elsewhere.

“The attitudes, the behavior, and the language expressed in the video are not acceptable. Individuals with those beliefs are not welcome in our community,” Washington State University President Kirk Schulz said in a statement. It is his personal belief that the video “was intended to cause pain to our community of color at WSU. It directly impacted our students of color studying for final exams.”

Local conservatives feel that the investigation is a joke and a symptom of a “bubble-wrapped safe space” college environment. It should be noted that the individual who said this also believes that white people are genetically superior. So, there’s that…

Meanwhile, the school’s Black student union remains steadfast in its mission to fight intolerance after a long history of racist incidents at WSU.