Sept 26th- Oct 2nd


The Black Gay Gang At Gallery Place
Shani Hilton, Washington City Paper, 9/28/11


Reconcile our children’s future
Jonathan Jansen, Times Live, 9/29/11


The color of an unequal recession
Susan Williams, Freedom Socialist, 10/1/11


Save Our Students launches campaign to break youth violence
Tracey McManus, The Augusta Chronicle, 9/29/11


Youth Programs Offer Resources to Teens
Mass Appeal News, Ashley Kohl, 9/29/11


Program to Study Youth Shootings in Chicago Districts OK’d by Council Committee
Staff Writer, Chicago Fox News, 9/29/11


Youth violence in Cleveland targeted by new group that looks for answers to stem crime
Leon Bibb, ABC News, 9/30/11


New Detroit program aims to put youths’ focus on school, show violence not a solution
GINA DAMRON, Detroit Free Press, 9/30/11


Dear white America: It looks different in black America
Anthony Orlando, Standard Speaker, 10/1/11


Why are all the Black kids in special ed? Or, why you should always demand a second opinion
Staff Writer, The Notebook, 10/2/11


New York’s Pushout Crisis: Why Students Don’t Graduate
Emily Shaw, Baruch College, 10/2/11