Viewers weighed in on Bill Duke’s Light Girls documentary and the overall sentiment is that it was lackluster at best, extremely problematic at worst. Perhaps it’s time for a more critical documentary on race and colorism to be made.

From Elixher:

Bill Duke’s documentary Light Girls – a follow-up to his acclaimed film, Dark Girls – aired last night on OWN. Leading up to the premiere, women of all walks and shades side-eyed the trailer and teasers, skeptical that the doc would capture the nuances of colorism — you know, white supremacy, privilege, systemic racism and oppression. Others wondered if Light Girls would be a “woe is me” cry from fair-skinned sisters. Last week, out actress and child star Raven-Symoné caught some criticism for her comments about tanning.

“It’s funny, one of the lighting guys came up — I love him to death; I love him, oh my goodness — he goes, ‘Raven, I need you to stop tanning. You’re getting too dark, and we have to re-light the whole entire show,’” Raven recalled. “I was like, ‘Sorry. I was just trying to be pretty.’”

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