A lot of people were surprised over Donald Trump’s performance in the polls, and even more surprised by his election win. Part of this was because they imagined that his only support was coming from fringe voters that they’d never see in their everyday lives.

After a majority of white women voted for him and people in states all across the country went red, it’s become clear that Trump supporters are truly all around us. And now that they’ve won, they’re coming out in droves. 


A video has surfaced showing a man in Starbucks shouting about how he was a victim of “white discrimination” because he felt like his coffee was taking too long. He then proceeded to call a black employee garbage and demand his money back.

“I voted for Trump! Trump! You lost, now give me my money back,” the man said.

““What is your name?” he asked. “What is your name? I want your card. You are garbage. You are complete trash.”

The video was captured by Jorge de Cárdenas, according to Miami New Times.

“He said it was ‘anti-white discrimination,'” Cárdenas says, “so he started disparaging the staff. One patron called him an asshole, so he said, ‘F*ck you, b*tch.’ That’s when I started filming.”

After another patron stepped in to intervene, the irate patron eventually left the Starbucks after threatening to punch them out.

Just remember, folks. You never know who you’re around in public especially in Trump’s America.