As controversy surrounding Florida’s Stand Your Ground law persists, much attention has been paid to the shocking case of Marissa Alexander.

Alexander fired a warning shot during an altercation with her abusive husband. The shot did not hit anyone; and although Alexander was in fear for her safety, Stand Your Ground did not save her. She received 20 years in prison.

A growing chorus of voices are calling for Alexander to be pardoned.

From the Grio:

In order for the governor to grant a pardon, two members of the cabinet must also support it.  In the letter, Bullard writes, “[Alexander] was denied a defense under Florida’s ‘stand your ground’ protections, and was found guilty of aggravated assault with a deadly weapon.  Surely Ms. Alexander had a clear right to defend herself and not retreat from the middle of an altercation in which her life and safety were at stake,” Bullard says in the letter.

According to the Florida constitution the governor has the authority to “suspend collection of fines and forfeitures, grant reprieves not exceeding sixty days and, with the approval of two members of the cabinet, grant full or conditional pardons, restore civil rights, commute punishment, and remit fines and forfeitures for offenses.”  The state’s constitution gives the governor “unfettered discretion” to deny clemency at any time for any reason.

Despite the uphill battle, Senator Bullard told theGrio, he is optimistic about the chances Governor Scott will acknowledge public opinion and increased pressure, and grant Alexander’s pardon.  “When [the Florida government] looks at the facts of the case it’s obvious, and that’s what gives me optimism,” says Bullard, “

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