By now you’ve probably seen (and hated) Basketball Wives and Love and Hip Hop, but are you ready for “Real Mistresses of Atlanta?”

A trailer for the sure-to-be controversial new reality series has hit the net.

It features quick introductions of some of the cast members, which include inspiring rappers, strippers, gold diggers, and a racist white woman.

From Sister 2 Sister:

“Unlike some other reality series whose titles suggest that the cast members are(or were at some point) married women, “Mistresses” leaves no question as to the stars’ marital satus. These women are the ones actual wives despise.

“If I were ever approached by a wife, there’s no argument. There’s no fight,” said Mary Jane who spit a few bars in the nine-minute sneak peek. “I would sympathize with her dearly, but if it’s anything you need from me, you need to know what I’m doing to have your man coming to me.”

Just like so many other reality series, the cast seems to include hot tempers and volatile personalities that don’t quite mesh.”

No word yet on whether or not this show will actually be picked up by a major network. But judging by what’s already out there, I’d say it’s chances are pretty good.

Check out the trailer below (NSFW):


Does “Real Mistresses of Atlanta” take things too far?

Are these kinds of shows harmful, or harmless fun?

Sound off below!