When I first saw Willow Smith appear along side her Mom and Dad on the red carpet, my initial reaction was, “who is this pint-sized kid with all that swag?” Until that point I’d never seen a ten-year old successfully rock a colorful and eccentric hairstyle with rhinestones. But then again, I’d never heard of a ten-year old almost shutting down Twitter either.  Although she is barely old enough to be a pre-teen, Smith’s style is making her into a young fashion icon. What’s even more important is that in age of botox and eating disorders, Smith is helping young girls everywhere be comfortable in their own skin.


When the “Whip My Hair” anthem first infiltrated my ears I couldn’t help but think that the chiropractor industry would see a rise in business from girls between the ages of 8-21. All that whipping couldn’t possibly be good for your neck right? Wrong, Smith made it cool for all girls to be divas no matter their hair length, color, or texture.  She even had Sesame Street characters whipping their……fur. Whether Smith is rocking brightly colored boots and long braids or a pink up do to match her pink tights, she takes swaggin’ to a different level.  Many times people overlook the greater social implications in fashion and music, especially when it comes from young people. However, when you are barely 11 with a verified Twitter account you are obviously making big moves. The mere fact that some 30 year olds are taking fashion cues from someone who hasn’t even hit middles school makes it  abundantly clear that Willow Smith’s eclectic fashion sense is beyond her years. The fashionably precocious Smith may be young, but the message behind her swag is timeless. Willow Smith is whipping confidence into young people all over the world one hit song at a time.