Lolaycia Lewis’ wedding was set for March 2014, but she pushed it up for a very important and heartwarming reason. Lewis’ father Timothy is awaiting a heart transplant, and the family didn’t know if he’d be around to walk his baby girl down the aisle.

So they brought the ceremony to the hospital chapel, and put it together in just 7 days.

From ABC 13:

A week ago, [Timothy] was admitted to Methodist Hospital. […] “She insisted I be a part of this wedding,” Timothy Lewis said. “I wanted to make sure my dad was going to be at my wedding,” the bride said. “I have all of the optimism in the world, all of the faith; but I wanted to make sure my dad was able to walk me down the aisle.”

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The couple quickly found a pastor and just after 2pm on Saturday, Timothy walked his daughter down the aisle.

Lolaycia says that while they held the ceremony sooner than expected, she does have faith her father will receive the transplant that he needs.

What a touching story just in time for the holiday season.

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