Two young girls are being hailed as heroes after helping to rescue three young children from a burning building in Decatur, Georgia.

Marie Anelus and her family lost almost everything after their neighbor’s apartment caught fire. But she and her husband Harold did not lose their children. 

From My Fox Atlanta:

With fire raging all around her in her apartment, Marie said she made the decision to drop her newborn baby, Diana, to Zna Gresham, who was on the ground below outside.  The mother says she first put her faith in God, and then her trust in the arms of the 10-year-old girl 20 feet below her.

“I was kind of scared, but then I felt kind of happy,” Zna Gresham said on Thursday. Marie also tossed out 3-year-old Pierre Richard and his 1-year-old brother Sebastian. Sebastian remains in the hospital with a neck injury.

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There was another little girl down with Zna who helped catch the children, but Marie does not know the child’s name. The Red Cross is assisting 14 people who were displaced by the fire.


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