Nobody wins in this situation. Not you, OR your pussy.

-JeCorey Holder


Your vagina deserves better than cishet patriarchal myths

by JeCorey Holder

Grown-ass adults are still runnin’ around aggressively confused on what vaginas do and it’s actually embarrassing.

I’m sitting here trying to enjoy my wholesome content on Ororo Munroe’s Sanctified internet and these cis straight people insist on flippantly broadcasting their lack of knowledgep on basic vaginal anatomy.

As content as I am to just sit my old ass back and let The Youths do what they do, the “Dry Panties Challenge” was one of a couple of times I wanted to shake my cane.

It’s bad enough we have cis men trying to convince us that having periods isn’t natural, but apparently pretending to not have normal vaginal functions and odors is also considered a flex for vagina-owners.

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Darling, these cis men are ignorant enough about vaginal anatomy and gullible enough to believe any kind of nonsense about “looseness” without y’all out here spreading even more Vaggie Tales to grab the attention of dudes (read: vaginaphobes) who most likely won’t even know how to please you.

Nobody wins in this situation.

Not you, OR your pussy.

Folks are out here swabbing all kinds of questionable concoctions and chemicals in their coochie and fucking up their pH balance to combat natural functions and odors. All so they can post a pic of their crotch on social media to impress men who, chances are, will STILL cheat sis.

Love yourself and your WAP.

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Gamer, geek, and social activist. JeCorey Holder has been weaving tapestries of shade and fury since the early 2000’s. Pro-LGBTQ, pro-black, and pro intersectional feminism, he is full of feelings and opinions that try to call out and tear down the oppressive status quo