Residents in Flint, Michigan still don’t have clean water.

Is it clean enough to be under the federal limit? Yes. But it’s not clean enough for local officials to allow people to drink it unfiltered with a clear conscience.

As a result, more than 1,700 residents have joined together to file a lawsuit against the the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency and are seeking more than $700 million in health and property damages. 

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The Associated Press reports that the EPA didn’t respond to the claim filed by the residents last year, leading to the corresponding lawsuit which was filed in U.S. District Court on Monday.

The $722.4 million lawsuit claims that the EPA “failed to follow several specific agency mandates and directives.”

Michigan officials say that 20,000 lead-tainted pipes need to be replaced but they only believe they’ll have 6,000 or so replaced by the end of this year.

There is clearly a long way left to go.

Photo Courtesy: Flickr