By: Sam Fleming

Chicago rapper and peace-activist Jessica Disu (also known as FM Supreme) has been killing it lately and she doesn’t seem to be slowing down any time soon.

Standing behind her controversial message of abolishing the police, she has made appearances on the Fox News’ Kelly File and on other cable news networks attempting to bring attention to police violence in Chicago. In her newest track “This Is Not A Drill” she perfectly demonstrates the power and anger that hip-hop can portray, while still putting forth a strong political message.

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Her music is not only forward thinking, but also provocative. With bold statements like “abolish the police” and cries to the police to stop shooting people. FM Supreme is a Chicago emerging voice. She belongs to us and fights for us.

Recent events in Chicago give “This Is Not A Drill” even more resonance and power. We need voices like FM Supreme, who are on the ground and in the booth, fighting to hold police accountable to our communities.

The full mixtape will be released on September 27th. Follow her on Twitter at @FMSupreme.

Listen to her new song below:

Photo: Jessica Disu Soundcloud