7-year-old Leah Flynn is using her talent to bring peace to Ferguson.

The violinist has performed as a soloist at numerous concerts and venues. She hopes use her talent to calm the unrest happening in Ferguson, Missouri. 

From WOFL:

“She said to me ‘mom what’s going on?’ and I explained to her because I have to, I told her what’s going on and she said ‘but it’s not right these people look so sad maybe I could do something for them,'” [her mom Paula] Flynn said.

So, her father taught her the song “Let there be peace.”

“There’s a lot of scariness there and violence and fighting so I really just want them to have peaceful and happiness,” said Leah.

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Watch Leah play David Foster’s “The Prayer” here:

Leah hopes to travel to the city to play her song for the community.  “In her eyes she believes that she can create some sort of change in the atmosphere down there,” Flynn told WOFL.

Kudos to Leah for seeking to promote peace for those dealing with turmoil in Ferguson.

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