Actually, I’m surprised it took this long for somebody to blame the riots on black people. In the BBC interview with Darcus Howe, a West Indian Writer and Broadcaster, where he attempted to explain the conditions that lead to the beginning of the uprising in Tottenham (including Mark Dugan being shot in the head by police and ballistics proving he didn’t fire a gun at them), he was basically called a rioter by the “idiot” new anchor.

Sadly this isn’t new and I’m sure “historian” David Starkey knows this. Black people have been convenient scapegoats for many of societies ills, even though we’re almost always in the position of least power. I find it ironic and sad that the murders, rapes, and brutality written in the history of countries like England are explained away by these same historians, yet the victims to this very day of oppression and exploitation, are now “gangtas”.

No amount of looting could pay back what England stole from the darker people of the planet and trust me it’s all you’re culture’s fault. Your history shows a people who took whatever they wanted by force. That fact that you now wear suits and dresses and appear civilized cannot erase the blood stains. In fact whatever institution gave David Starkey the title historian should be closed immediately.

Worse of all, many people will take David Starkey’s flawed philosophy and run with it. Why? Cause it’s easy to blame rap or black people and build more prisons, than to deal with a mentality that hoards wealth, access and opportunity and creates the conditions that lead to riots, just ask brilliant political philosopher Paul Mooney.

*Warning this contains extreme language