Ann Coulter

UC Berkeley Students Sue Campus Over Cancelled Ann Coulter Speech

Two conservative, student-led organizations at the University of California – Berkeley have sued the school after it cancelled Ann Coulter’s speaking engagement. The Young America’s Foundation and Berkeley College Republicans allege that UC Berkeley cancelled the event because of Coulter’s reputation as a conservative, Trump-supporting media personality, according to The Daily Beast.

Upward Bound grants for young people denied due to double-spacing and font errors

For many people, Upward Bound stepped in and helped them prepare for a future they may not have even imagined yet. Through tutoring, mentoring and many other activities, the program has helped students from low-income families prepare for and succeed in college and beyond.

Unfortunately, a focus on grammatical errors may be inhibiting the program from its important work. 

Black people not voting is logical, and vote pushers are usually anti-Black

For most of my schooling, I was treated as somewhat of a golden child. As an advanced placement student in a majority Black district, where most of the other Black kids weren’t surpassing their white peers scholastically like I was, the fact that I seemed destined to follow in the footsteps of my ivy-league older siblings did not go unnoticed by the approving adults in my life.

Not only did my “achievements” translate materially in the form of scholarship money, I received an enviable range of post-graduate opportunities, as well as positions of authority offered to me while still in school. I was also told flat-out many times and in various ways how different I was from the average Black student. It was never an insult. The average Black student was not someone to desire being in community with, apparently. My differences were always pointed out as if not being like them other niggas was the biggest compliment I could ever receive.

ICYMI: 16yo Deja Foxx calls out Republican senator on defunding Planned Parenthood

America is really losing right now when it comes to politics. One thing that hasn’t changed is how a bunch of [mostly straight, white] men come together and think they can speak for everyone.

Congress recently voted along party lines to take away Title X funding from Planned Parenthood and other clinics that offer a variety of medical services, including abortions. Republican Senator Jeff Flake of Arizona was one of the many who voted along party lines.