Welcome to our jobs page!

Periodically, we have writing and social media coordinator positions available on our staff. Our currently available positions are listed below.

There are no available staff positions at this time. Please check back soon!

Interested candidates should send their cover letter and resume to info@blackyouthproject.com.

Pitch an original article for the site.

We love to host content from new and emerging millennial voices on pop culture, LGBTQIA+ issues, politics, feminism, and many other topics. Pitches should include an estimated word count and summary about how the piece aligns with BYP’s mission and voice.

All pitches should be sent to info@blackyouthproject.com.

We also accept republished content.

If interested in republishing content you have already written, you should follow a traditional pitching approach and write a brief summary to help us understand how your content aligns with BYP’s voice and mission. Your submission should include a link to the content on a platform you own (or have authority to grant reposting permission for). You should also include an author bio.
All submissions should be sent to info@blackyouthproject.com.