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UC Berkeley Students Sue Campus Over Cancelled Ann Coulter Speech

Two conservative, student-led organizations at the University of California – Berkeley have sued the school after it cancelled Ann Coulter’s speaking engagement. The Young America’s Foundation and Berkeley College Republicans allege that UC Berkeley cancelled the event because of Coulter’s reputation as a conservative, Trump-supporting media personality, according to The Daily Beast.

Upward Bound grants for young people denied due to double-spacing and font errors

For many people, Upward Bound stepped in and helped them prepare for a future they may not have even imagined yet. Through tutoring, mentoring and many other activities, the program has helped students from low-income families prepare for and succeed in college and beyond.

Unfortunately, a focus on grammatical errors may be inhibiting the program from its important work. 

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Georgetown University, Jesuits Apologize For Supporting Slavery

Another university has owned up to its past involvement in the slave trade and is hoping to make amends. Georgetown University, the oldest Catholic university in the United States, held a service on Tuesday to admit to its involvement in slavery, the hypocrisy of doing so as a religious institution and apologized, according to CNN.

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Report Links Chicago Charter Schools To CPS Financial Struggles

Charter schools have long been the subject of debate. Many critics feel that they’re being used as a privatized way to make public schools obsolete. While these schools receive funding from the same financial pool as public schools, they’re usually privately owned and operated. They also aren’t restricted to the same regulations as public schools. Recently, a report from a professor at Roosevelt University in Chicago has made some noteworthy connections between the city’s support of charter schools and the financial crisis currently crippling the public school system.