As you watch CNN & HLN for post verdict dialogue do you cringe when the re-play of the verdict is televised?
Are you finding yourself emotionally wrecked, not really knowing how to express your thoughts?
For me, I can taste the animosity at the tip of my tongue. The tears unable to escape my eyes as I squeeze my fingers in a ball and clinch my teeth just to distract my emotional outburst, struggling not to use words that will inflame those who don’t agree with my opinion.

But I understand that the rage inside of the great majority must be put into making positive impact. Some will move forward with hopes to become professionals in government to make policy changes while others will make social change by way of monetary and voluntary contributions to related causes. The remaining few will fall short and in a few weeks, injustice will be viewed in their rear view mirrors as the world continues to turn.

But no matter your position beyond these days of sorrow, when you hear any of these words, individually or collectively, those emotions will be reconnected and you must be able to rationally deal with them without being ready to smack the 1st Zimmerman look-alike you see.


1. GEORGE ZIMMERMAN: The name that many may place on the same list as Osama Bin Laden, Saddam Hussein, James Earl Ray, & Lee Boyd Malvo.


2. GROUND & POUND: The fighting style used to support Zimmerman’s lies about how victim, Trayvon Martin, was attacking before Zimmerman shot and killed him.



3. NEIGHBORHOOD WATCH: An American organization that will no longer serve it’s true purpose. An organization that many will fear because of the negative perception placed on society by Zimmerman.



4. SKITTLES: This brand will not be hated, but always honored, but will often remind America that the taste of the rainbow ain’t that sweet.



5. ARIZONA TEAS: Another brand that America will continue to support in honor of Trayvon.



6. CONCRETE: The “deadly weapon” the defense proved that Trayvon used after being stalked and frightened by Zimmerman.



7. KNOCK-KNOCK JOKES: The attention getter that angered America when used by the defense during opening statements.



8.  FRANK TAAFFE: The ignorant friend of Zimmerman that gave every Black person the desire to provide a good ole’ a** whooping for his racial slurs to the family and the entire Black community.



9. SANFORD: Good thing Sanford & Son is years behind us. This is the location of much meaning forever more.



10. HELP, HELP: The words that will always be a part of our vocabulary and the last words most of us believes Trayvon Martin screamed as he fought for his life.