What a remarkable young lady!

NewsOne’s latest installment of their “On The Corner” series features 12 year-old Victoria Pannell, the National Action Network’s Northeast Regional Director of the Youth.

Marching and rallying in protest of the illicit activities that are destroying her Harlem neighborhood, Pannell discusses her inability to play and move freely in her own neighborhood because of its criminal elements.

From Madame Noire:

“Some cynics have been quick to point out that marching does little to actually provoke change, but I think it’s admirable that Victoria is active in her community at such a young age, and it speaks volumes about the influence she’ll have on the youth as she grows older. Earlier this year, she was was named the first national leader for Youth Move, a branch of Rev. Al Sharpton’s civil rights group for kids.”

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We are so proud of Victoria and her efforts to make a difference in her community. Ms. Pannell has tapped into the power within her; a power source that so many other young people of her generation also possess. She is leading by example, and will hopefully inspire others to get out into the streets and make their voices heard as well.

Check out Victoria in action HERE!

What do you think of Victoria Pannell?

How can we get more of our young people to be as sociopolitically engaged as Victoria?

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